Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to most of our commonly asked questions. 

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Diagnosis &Treatments

Do you have clinic's anywhere else in South Africa?

The Cape Town branch was closed during Covid. Currently we only operate in Johannesburg.

Is this treatment available anywhere else in the world?

Dr. Shevel's treatment's are only available at our clinic in Johannesburg. 

Do you guarantee a positive outcome?

We do not guarantee treatment success, as migraines are extremely complex medical conditions that can have multiple causes. However, we have a very high treatment success rate that offers lasting relief in most patients (who complete treatment).

Why don't other doctors around the world know about this?

Dr. Shevel's breakthrough headache treatments were pioneered through his intense research and study of migraine. He has lectured around the world on his treatments. Innovation in medicine is met with skepticism and slow adoption. We are hopeful that his treatments will eventually be widespread.

Diagnosis &Treatments

Can diagnosis be done remotely or do you need to come to the clinic?

Patients need to come to the clinic as physical examination is a crucial part of the diagnosis.

What can I expect at the first diagnosis appointment?

Our comprehensive diagnosis takes approximately 3 hours. You will see a number of different doctors and medical professionals. You will undergo a series of tests as well as be physically examined in order for us our specialist to find the anatomical structures that are causing your headaches. Once we have completed the diagnosis we will know which structures are causing your headaches (eg muscles, tendons, nerves, arteries).

Can I do the treatment on the same day as the diagnosis?

Yes, in most cases treatment can be done on the same day as the diagnosis. Some patients prefer to have a mild sedative prior to treatment, in which case it is important to have transport arranged in advance. 

Do you use medication to treat headaches and migraine?


I have headaches, should I be worried?

Most headaches are treatable and not life threatening. 

How long are the procedures?

Usually around half an hour.

How does the treatment work? 

Most headaches are caused by pain signals being sent to the brain by anatomical structures outside the skull. The treatment stops the pain signals being sent to the brain.

Is the treatment permanent?

In most patients who complete treatment the outcome is lasting pain relief. Headaches are extremely complex conditions and our bodies change as we age, thereby in some cases the headaches may return or a different type of headache can emerge. It is for this reason that we offer free treatment for a period of two years after the initial treatment.

Will I be under general anesthetic for the procedure?

The procedures are done under local anesthetic. Patients are offered a mild sedative to relax them.

Is the treatment a surgery?

The desensitization procedure involves injections and injection-like procedures that use a cautery needle. This procedure has even better outcomes than the arterial surgery performed in the past and thereby it is our treatment of choice. It does not involve cutting or stitches. 

How long does the treatment last?

In most cases of patients who complete treatment their headaches can be entirely eliminated. Treatment is however a process of elimination and often requires more than one treatment. These are free of charge for a period of two years after the initial treatment. 

Can you successfully treat cluster headache?

Yes. We have successfully treated very many cluster headache sufferers. 


Does medical aid cover the diagnosis and treatment?

Our specialised treatments are not covered by South African medical aids. Many of our international patients are able to claim back from their medical aid.

What payment options do you have?

We interest-free offer payment plans for treatment. Diagnosis is payable in full upfront.