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A method for determining when the superficial scalp arteries are the source of migraine pain
In some patients the pain of migraine originates in the extracranial cranial arteries. This article describes the location and a logical examination sequence of the vessels most frequently involved in migraine pain.
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Medication overuse headache 
The frequent use of medications used for the acute management of migraine is a positively identified risk factor for developing chronic forms of headache. read the full blog to find out more.
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My Journey with Migraines
Read to this blog to find out more about Donna's experience of suffering from migraines for 30 years and how she's doing now
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The Doc who cured me
Megan Miller’s migraines have vanished thanks to treatment by SA’s Dr Elliot Shevel – and his work is being recognised globally IF YOU suffer frequently from those pounding headaches that really spoil…
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