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End of Ideas and Hope
My journey with migraines began nearly 30 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child.
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Migraines Not All in the Head
A South African doctor is changing the way specialists around the world think about migraine headaches.
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Ofm Headache articles
A recent study has found that migraines and tension headaches are among the most common causes of lost work time in South Africa.
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My kop klop 
Read this article to learn more about general headaches, stress related headaches, migraines, hormonal headaches, cluster headaches and painkiller related headaches.​
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Headache causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
In this morning Live Interview with Dr Shevel from the Migraine and Headache Treatment Institute, you will learn all about headache and migraine causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for migraines and headaches.
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