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The international headache society classification of migraine headache - A call for substantiating data
This article proves conclusively that there is no scientific basis for the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD) criteria for the diagnosis of migraine (MI).
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My kop klop 
Read this article to learn more about general headaches, stress related headaches, migraines, hormonal headaches, cluster headaches and painkiller related headaches.​
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Headache causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
In this morning Live Interview with Dr Shevel from the Migraine and Headache Treatment Institute, you will learn all about headache and migraine causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for migraines and headaches.
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World Today interview with Dr Elliot Shevel
Hannah Viviers from World Today on SABC 3 interviews Dr Shevel on the International studies he is hosting in South Africa. The first study focuses on mapping the migraine code and the second will aid the development of a new breed of migraine drugs.
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Classification of migraines 
Dr Elliot Shevel won a debate by proving that the current classification of migraines was based on opinions of a small group of neurologists and not on data. Watch this video to find out more.
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