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Craniomandibular muscles, intraoral orthoses and migraine
Intraoral splints are effective in migraine prevention. In this review, changes in the quality of life of migraineurs treated with a palatal nonoccluding splint were measured
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Headache causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
In this morning Live Interview with Dr Shevel from the Migraine and Headache Treatment Institute, you will learn all about headache and migraine causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for migraines and headaches.
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Classification of migraines 
Dr Elliot Shevel won a debate by proving that the current classification of migraines was based on opinions of a small group of neurologists and not on data. Watch this video to find out more.
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Discussion on world today regarding headaches 
Dr Elliot Shevel discusses the campaign that The Headache Clinic has launched during the International Migraine Awareness Week September 2010 which focuses on 'Migraines in the workplace'. The main aim of this week is to raise worldwide awareness.
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How headaches affects South African people 
Etv sunrise speaks to Dr Shevel about the effects of headache here in South Africa. They focus on how to recognize headaches and migraines, what can be done to manage the symptoms and which symptoms to take seriously.
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