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Teen stress a strong risk factor for headaches
A recent study, published in Pediatric Neurology, aimed to describe the relationship between risk factors, such as stress, depression and anxiety, and potentially protective factors against paediatric headache-related disability.
16.05.23 03:56 PM - Comment(s)
All about teens and migraines
According to a combined study by over 10 international research facilities, headaches are becoming more prevalent among schoolchildren.
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Handling student' exam time headaches
Headaches have become an ordinary occurrence for students around exam times and many of them feel helpless when dealing with this problem.
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SABC 1 Kids News Dr. Elliot Shevel
Dr Elliot Shevel the Chairman of the South African Headache Society and Medical Director of The Headache Clinic gives advice on Kids News to students on how to avoid headaches around exam times.
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