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About the Headache Clinic

The Headache Clinic in South Africa is the world’s leading treatment centre for migraine and cluster headache . Dr. Shevel’s medical team treat an average of 250 patients a month, many of whom travel from all over the world for his breakthrough treatments. The Headache Clinic’s treatment success rate is exceedingly high and Dr. Shevel can help most patients. Dr. Shevel’s high treatment success rate for headache pain, a complex condition that has baffled the medical world, is directly related to his research and pioneering medical innovations over the past 25 years.

Dr. Shevel is a world authority in the field of tension headache, migraine, chronic and episodic cluster headache, hemiplegic migraine, and others. He has developed ground-breaking treatment techniques based on his exhaustive study of the medical literature and the root causes of headache pain. He publishes extensively in the medical literature, lectures at congresses around the world, and his scientific discoveries have completely overturned conventional thinking. The Headache Clinic’s treatment success rate offers direct proof as to the validity of his scientific discoveries.

Why we are different

What distinguishes The Headache Clinic from other headache treatment centres globally is that we treat the PRIMARY CAUSES of pain: arteries and muscles, offering PERMANENT RELIEF for our patients, while eliminating the dependency on medication. Our highly intricate diagnostic methods developed by Dr. Shevel are unique to The Headache Clinic (they take a few hours to complete) and our treatments are not currently offered anywhere else in the world.

Dr.Shevel has been pioneering medical treatments in the field of migraine, cluster, and tension headache for the past 25 years. His pioneering work in the field of headache is set to become medical orthodoxy in the future: it is based on medical fact and the thousands of patients he has treated and given a new lease on life is all the empirical proof anyone needs that the treatment works and the science is correct. Dr. Shevel talks at congresses all over the world and his scientific breakthroughs are finding their way towards global acceptance.

Dr Shevel


Dr Elliot Shevel is the Chairman of the South African Headache Society, the official South African affiliate of the International Headache Society (IHS). He is a peer reviewer for: ‘Headache’ the official journal of the American Headache Society; ‘Cephalalgia’ the official journal of the International Headache Society; ‘The European Journal of Neurology’; ‘The Journal of Clinical Practice’; ‘Clinical and Experimental Medical Letters’; the ‘Medical Science Monitor‘; and many other medical journals.

Dr Shevel has published more than thirty scientific articles in national and international peer-reviewed medical journals on migraine, tension headache and cluster headache. His collaborators include Harvard Medical School Department of Neurology and researchers from the European and American Headache Societies.

How we do it

Complete Diagnosis

We achieve our excellent treatment results with Dr. Shevel’s unique and comprehensive diagnosis protocol that accurately determines each patient’s individual pain map. The accuracy of the diagnosis allows us to pinpoint the anatomical structures that are responsible for causing the pain. 

There are four main origins of pain:  1) Muscle tension 2) Arterial dilation/inflammation 3) Nerve sensitivity 4) Tendon sensitivity. These anatomical structures are the focus of our diagnosis and treatment. Of the thousands of patients Dr. Shevel treats each year almost all of them present with pain from one or more of these structures. Dr. Shevel’s Maxillo-Facial and Oral expertise has allowed him to develop drug-free treatments that offer permanent relief from these painful structures.


Dr. Shevel’s treatment focuses on the muscles of the jaw, face, head and neck as well as the many small arteries that lie on the outside of the skull. Muscle tension is treated using a thin plastic plate worn against the pallet, and painful arteries are closed, as a day procedure, and often using only local anaesthetic. These tiny superficial cuts on the scalp do not affect blood flow to the brain.

These structures are ignored by other headache specialists and neurologists because conventional medical thinking has been that the pain originates in the brain. However published medical research has proved conclusively that the pain is extra-cranial, and Dr. Shevel’s treatment success rate bears testament to this. Specialists can read this breakthrough article that explains how headache pain does NOT originate from arteries in the brian, by Schoonman et al (Brain 2008).

Types of Treatment

MUSCLE PAIN: The Posture Modifying Appliance (PMA).The PMA is a thin and comfortable custom-made plate worn against the palate. The PMA adjusts the tongue position, which in turn relaxes the jaw, and then the muscles around the temples, cascading relaxation in the muscles all the way down to the neck and back. This re-calibration of the muscle equilibrium modifies the patients posture. This is where the appliance, designed by Dr. Shevel, derives its name. Once equilibrium is restored and all the contributing muscles have relaxed, the pain dissipates and harmony is restored.

ARTERIAL PAIN: Minimally invasive surgery. When arteries are indicated as the primary source of pain, Dr. Shevel’s diagnostic method allows for these tiny problem arteries to be accurately located using three-dimensional image scanning technology as well as a Doppler flow-meter. In many patients closing these small arteries provides almost immediate relief. However there are four additional factors that may undermine the initial result: 1) hypersensitivity;  2) shunting (when the blood redirects to an alternate dormant artery); 3) idiosyncrasies of each individuals anatomy and hormones 4) effects of medication.

Patient Success Stories

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