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About the Headache Clinic

The dynamic multi-disciplinary medical team at The Headache Clinic is unique in the world for our comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of headaches.

Through constant research and innovation, Dr Shevel and our team are at the forefront of medical breakthroughs in this field, providing permanent non-drug relief from headache and migraine pain. We focus on restoring your quality of life without having to endure the unpleasant side effects of medication.

International Patients

The headache clinic is the only institution in the world that can accurately diagnose and treat migraine sufferers with permanent results that eliminate the need for medication dependencies.

Patients fly to Johannesburg from every corner of the globe to benefit from our scientific innovation and unique medical breakthrough treatments. Our professional team is experienced in providing planning support for our international patients with regards to logistics, accommodation, transport arrangements, appointment management, after-hours medical support and ensuring you receive the highest level of care.

Dr Shevel


Dr Elliot Shevel has published more than thirty scientific articles in national and international peer-reviewed medical journals on migraine, tension headache and cluster headache. His collaborators include Harvard Medical School Department of Neurology and researchers from the European and American Headache Societies.

Dr Shevel is a peer reviewer for: ‘Headache’ the official journal of the American Headache Society, ‘Cephalalgia’ the official journal of the International Headache Society, ‘The European Journal of Neurology’, ‘The Journal of Clinical Practice’, ‘Clinical and Experimental Medical Letters’, the ‘Medical Science Monitor’, and many other medical journals.

How we do it

Migraine treatment

Migraine pain does not originate inside the brain. Doctors and specialists can view the breakthrough article published by Schoonman et al (Brain 2008). This study underscores the pioneering work on migraines by Dr Elliot Shevel, who maintains that the pain of a migraine and headache originates from parts of the head, face and neck that lie outside the skull. These structures are accessible and can be successfully treated and often cured without the need for medication. Read More

Complete Diagnosis

We achieve our excellent treatment results due to our unique, comprehensive diagnosis protocol that determines the patient’s pain map. The anatomical structures from where the pain originates are ignored by other headache specialists and neurologists, but at The Headache Clinic they are the focus of our diagnosis.
This saves the patient being referred from specialist to specialist with no real answers. A correct diagnosis is the key to successful treatment.
Read More

Your Medication

Our patients are generally those that have already tried everything, so one of our greatest achievements is that patients who undergo our treatment no longer depend on expensive chronic medication with debilitating side effects. We also often see that anti-depressants are no longer needed.
Measure the extent to which headaches are affecting your ability to function normally with our Quality of life test. Keeping a migraine diary can be useful in helping you recognise trigger factors and assessing if you medication is working. More on free assistance 

Patient Success Stories

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International Patients:
We have patients coming for treatment from all over the world, and will be happy to assist and advise on suitable accommodation and airport transfers Find Out

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