Migraine is a risk factor in pregnancy


It’s best to get the condition sorted out before falling pregnant.

Having a migraine is no fun at all, and especially not during pregnancy. (Pixabay)

Migraine may become worse during the first three months of pregnancy, but is most women, the migraines remits or ameliorates during the last six months.

According to The Headache Clinic (based in Johannesburg), studies have now found that migraine increases the risk of problems for both mother and child.

In one study of 4911 people in Taiwan, researchers demonstrated that women with migraine had an increased risk of pre-eclampsia.

This is a condition where the mother develops high blood pressure, and with increased protein in the urine, it can lead to a number of serious side-effects that can affect both mother and baby.

It can also lead to premature delivery and increased need for caesarian delivery. Babies can also have an increased risk of low birth weight.

A study from Hungary confirmed the higher incidence of pre-eclampsia, and found that women with migraine suffered more from severe nausea and vomiting.

Dr Elliot Shevel is an internationally recognised migraine expert and migraine surgery pioneer.

He’s also the medical director of The Headache Clinic.

He said the results of these studies underline the necessity for women with migraine to have the condition treated before falling pregnant.

The best way therefore to avoid the increased risk to both mother and baby is to eliminate the migraine before planning a pregnancy.

This is now possible with the highly successful treatment methods developed by Dr Shevel for the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying causes of migraine.

Pregnant women cannot use the usual migraine medications because of the risk to the baby, so the drug-free methods used at The Headache Clinic are particularly valuable during pregnancy.

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