Muscle tension headache – Michelle Hayler

Michelle Halyer’s tension headache treatment

Everyday life can be so frustrating especially when one is under unbearable pain constantly. You try a wet cloth right around your head and the pain will just not go away. You resort to over the counter medication with the hope that the headache will just disappear and never to come back but the more you take in medication the more the pain escalates – strange isn’t it? Such a lifestyle became the norm of Miss Michelle Elise Hayler’s life.

Michelle suffered severe headaches that started from the left side of her head and the pain would go down her neck. The headaches then changed sides and were more concentrated on her right side of her head. She did try to take over the counter medication to help her with the pain but she experienced what is known as a ‘rebound pain’. Usually a regular use of any and all painkiller medication to help relieve the pain of headache at the time or in advance of the attack can result in what is known as a rebound pain. With this disturbing headache ever since childhood, Michelle decided to visit The Headache Clinic on 29th June 2016.

At the clinic, Michelle, went through a three hour process of full examination to determine the underlying cause of the headache. At the end of the process she was diagnosed with muscle tension headache’s and was given non drug treatment at the clinic, the Posture Modifying Appliance (PMA). Michelle did follow-up appointments to understand how she was responding to the Posture Modifying Appliance treatment and she was pain free, headaches had completely disappeared. To date Michelle is pain free.

Michelle is so grateful to Dr Shevel and the team at The Headache Clinic for the good work and for getting her life back.

*Treatment results may vary from person to person.


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