Tension headache – Sandra Bradford

Sandra Bradford’s headache treatment

Ever thought of suicide because you are experiencing excruciating pain caused from headaches? All the specialists you have gone to, have told you that there it’s just normal pain and it will go away upon taking medication but instead of getting better the pain worsens every other day. Such was the pain Mrs Sandra Bradford experienced with her headaches.

Mrs Bradford experienced severe headaches for close to nine years. She went to different headache specialists in London with the hope that her headaches would disappear but nothing seemed to change. She took over the counter medication which actually made the headaches worse. Her pain which can be best described as one that had a tightening type of feeling, started from the left side of her head and as the day progressed it would be more focused on the forehead and either left or right sides. This pain was so depressing to the extent that she started taking antidepressants along with Ibuprofen and Topamax with Rum. She took an overdose of the medication and threw herself into the river where she was fortunately rescued by a police team with the aid of ‘thermal imaging cameras’.

Sandra came to The Headache Clinic in South Africa on 19th February 2016 following her sister Jane Small’s search on the internet for top headache specialists. She underwent a full examination and was diagnosed with muscle and arterial headaches. She was given the non-drug treatment PMA for her muscle tension and also went for surgery to cauterize the arteries that were causing the severe headaches. To date Sandra is pain free and living her normal life. Her sister, Jane, on behalf of the family and friends would like to thank Dr Shevel and the team for giving their beloved her life back.

I have my sister back, and I can’t thank you enough.”

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