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Migraine Treatment

Migraine pain is not caused by the blood vessels in the brain. In many sufferers though the more superficial branches of the external carotid artery on the outside of the skull are sources of excruciating and sometimes chronic pain. Although sufferers may sometimes feel as though the pain is originating inside their skull, it’s in fact caused by those parts of the face, head, and neck that lie outside the skull. 

Fortunately for headache and migraine sufferers, this means that the structures, be they muscles, nerves, arteries or others, that cause this pain are easily accessed and can often be treated successfully and the pain and aura permanently prevented without medication.

Complete Diagnosis™

At the Headache Clinic, we offer a complete diagnosis of anatomical causes of your headache. If the causes can be successfully treated, the headaches will no longer occur with the same intensity or frequency, and the dependence on harmful medication can be drastically reduced and often completely eliminated.

Complete Diagnosis takes up to 4 – 5 hours and includes:

Neurological Assessment

Assessment and consultation with Dr. Manny Orellowitz.

Emergency pain relief

If you’re experiencing migraine you can rest and have your migraine healed in our clinic.

Specialist Nurse Consultation

If you’re experiencing migraine you can rest and have your migraine treated in our clinic.


Where medically indicated (C-section, Sinus, TMJ, Pan, CEPH)

Diagnostic Tests

Electromyography and other diagnostic tests

Diagnostic Consultation

With the internationally accredited migraine research specialist, Dr. Elliot Shevel, where necessary

Comprehensive Presentation

of results and discussions of treatment options available.

Excludes the following:

Brain Scans and Blood Tests

are not included. Our team of doctors and specialists will advise if you need a brain scan or blood tests.

Treatment Costs

The cost of the treatment is not included. We will provide a quotation for treatment after we diagnosed the cause of your headache: Migraine.

On going pain relief

If you require on-going emergency pain relief, this will be an additional expense

Free Assistance

Our patients are generally those that have already tried everything  including the free advice we give below. Try these easy suggestions – some headache sufferers from these simple tips, and you may not need any further treatment. If you have suggestions on what we could add to this page to benefit sufferers, please contact us.


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